Next year....

We have already been working on cookbooks and ideas for the new year, and we’re excited that we haven’t run out of good recipes yet.  We have posted lots of good recipes over the last few years, so we are going to bring some of the best of them, the ones our families request often,  back on Fridays, with One More Time.  However, we can’t quit buying and adding to our cookbook collections – so many recipes…so little time.

This year, Myrna and I will be much closer together than we were at this time last year…my husband and I have moved just a half-block from her and her family on the same street! 
 We can sample each other’s recipes more easily – which probably won’t be good for my waistline, since Myrna is the dessert queen, and I can just walk over to deliver fresh bread for her family.
The second best thing about it is a new U-shaped kitchen with much more counter space.  But I can tell you, rearranging your kitchen stuff and then finding it can be a challenge.  I'm already rearranging my first arrangement! 
I still have room for my patio garden, and was able to simply move the pots – now Myrna says she doesn't have to grow herbs herself because she knows where to find them!  

We are looking forward to sharing recipes and kitchen adventures with our friends again for another year.


  1. Love your new kitchen. Looks so organized but that is no surprise! Is there one thing in your kitchen you just could not do without?

    1. Kitchen Aid mixer...I certainly can make bread by hand and have done so for years...but I appreciate the mixer doing the work nowadays. I have pasta and meat grinding attachments for it and use them regularly. I have worn out several mixers over the years.
      I started out housekeeping without a dishwasher, food processor or microwave, but I have to have a coffeepot and mixer and a toaster or toaster oven.

  2. Now you all know why I don't bake bread very often.
    It is so nice after all these years to live close to one another again.
    I rearranged my kitchen cabinets and am also still looking for things. Keeps life interesting Sis.
    I think I coud not do without my Kitchen Aid Mixer.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful year is in the making. I can't wait to see what you all cook up!

  4. Oh, I am so glad I found your blog. Your recipes are wonderful and it is just so much fun to read it. Keep up the good work next year. Happy New Year!

  5. How nice for you two (and your families) to be living so close together. Both of our families are scattered all over and that's the one regret I have about our moving way up here to northern Minnesota close to 40 years ago. We have no relatives anywhere close.

    Best wishes to you both for the New Year and I hope you enjoy putting together this wonderful blog even more!

  6. If you all think it's fun to read about their antics…think how lucky I am to live here with Myrna. I also am able to reap the benefits of Sue living so close. I had never had it so good until as we call it "Myrna took over my care and feeding." Now before you think I never did any cooking…know this I was married over 50 years and raised 3 daughters and numerous friends they brought home and I guarantee no one ever starved or even missed any meals. After all that I retired from cooking, cleaning and even driving. However, I refuse to retire from working in the law office.


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