Cider Dressing

We loved this salad dressing from the "Southern Living Christmas Cookbook" so much that the dressing has become a regular at our house for any fruit or vegetable salad. Make extra dressing, it keeps well, and folks come back for more - it's my husband's favorite.

Cider Dressing                      
     1/2     Cup  Olive or Salad Oil
     1/3     Cup  Honey or Sugar
  1            Each  Green Onion -- chopped
  3            Tablespoons  Cider Vinegar
  2            Tablespoons  Prepared Mustard
     1/2      Teaspoon  Celery Seeds
Dressing:  Process all ingredients in a blender or food processor until smooth.  This helps it emulsify and get nice and thick.  Cover  and chill 30 minutes.  Yields: about 1 cup.
8 Servings
Cost for salad dressing:  $1.14 for 10 ounces


  1. Ooh, the dressing sounds yummy. I've been looking for a good dressing to do for a particular salad and that sounds like the perfect one!

  2. This REALLY sounds good. Thanks for sharing and Have a Merry Christmas! Diane


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