Chicken with Garlic and Herbs

  I am a fan of Fine Cooking Magazine. I enjoy reading it and have used many of the recipes. Several, however, are a little more complicated than most of us will do on a daily basis. It is fun to try something new and discover a new flavor or twist on a standard recipe. This recipe for Chicken with garlic and herbs is such a recipe. 
  We all enjoyed it, but it is not one that I would make on a regular rotation, Rather, a recipe I will use when I want something a little more special or am bored with the old standards and want to jazz up dinner. 
  Chicken with Garlic and Herbs
2 tablespoons olive oil (or vegetable oil)
¼ cup chopped onion (I used an equal amount of pearl onions)
1 teaspoon chopped garlic
2 bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts and 2 leg sections (2 to 2 ½ lbs.)
½ cup dry white wine
2 tablespoons wine vinegar
½ cup chicken broth
½ teaspoon dried oregano
1 bay leaf
2 tablespoons black olives, pitted and slivered
2 or 3 mashed anchovies (you can omit)
¼ cup chopped fresh flat leaf parsley
Kosher salt and black pepper
  Heat the oil in a large saute pan over medium high heat. Add the garlic and onion, cook for about 1 minute and than add the chicken. Cook, turning frequently, until the chicken is browned on all sides. Add the wine, vinegar, broth, oregano and bay leaf. Cover the pan and simmer on medium low heat about 30 minutes or until the chicken juices run clear when pierced. Remove the chicken from the pan and keep warm.
  Bring the broth to a gentle boil, skim the fat from the surface and cook until the sauce has reduced by one third. Add the mashed anchovies and olives, . Add the parsley, salt and pepper to taste.
  To serve, pour the sauce over the chicken.


  1. I'm so glad you said we could omit the anchovies . . . (((shudder!))) (Hee-hee.)

  2. Really, they just melted into the sauce and just left it salty. However, they are not a favorite of my family so the next time I will leave them out also.


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