Snow Days

  When you are born and raised in Minnesota, you learn to enjoy winter as there is no other option except to stay indoors. Since both Sue and I were outdoor kids, that wasn’t a choice.
  I have great memories of sledding after dark down the pasture hill of friends of our folks. The fact that there was only a yard light made it more exciting. We did believe in living dangerously and no ones folks seemed to object.
  Ah, yes, snow ball fights. The street beside our house was a dead end and not plowed in the winter; Dad would build us elaborate snow forts to use for the snowball fights or just to play in. They had roofs and benches to sit on and a door and windows to toss the snowball from.
  Then there was the hilly street in front of our Grandmas. We and the neighbor kids sledded down it. The cars just honked when they wanted to come through.
  As we got older of course, there were basketball games and school dances. In our German community that meant polkas and waltzes for the most part.
 Usually we walked to school. If it got too bad, one of the adults would take us. We rarely had snow days, if there were enough town kids that could make it they would hold school. I always thought that was fun as there were only five town kids in my class and we got to do what we wanted as long as it was quiet. The school library was large for a small town school and we could spend most of the day in there if we wanted too. It was also a chance to get some extra help from the teachers.
  Now, I must admit I really don’t look forward to winter, but AH the joys of being a child in the winter!


  1. I grew up in northern Iowa, with plenty of snow for making tunnels and forts. I wish the snow didn't melt this past week. I've been having fun snowshoeing!

  2. I grew up in Kansas City, Kansas, and our parents expected US to walk, rain, shine, snow, etc.. We had a huge hill near us and would sled down it all day, until we were frozen! I don't know if my grandkids even know what a sled IS!

  3. I, on the other hand in my younger years, lived in Tulsa and didn't see a lot of snow. When I moved to Iowa in the dead of winter…there was a LOT of snow on the ground and I walked to school. That got old in a hurry. I have never enjoyed the snow like my friends did back then. When they went sledding I stayed back at the church and helped fix the cocoa and cookies. I always figured I didn't lose anything outside in the winter. Summer was a different story.

  4. I've lived in N. IL all of my life, and I have great memories of playing outside in the snow. One year, it snowed enough that my father made us a snow slide from the end of our porch across the yard. My sister was so small at the time, she went down and didn't stop - just kept going across the street and into the neighbor's yard! :D
    Hot chocolate when you were still a little pink & numb was the best feeling in the world, too!

  5. Minnesota Memories, for sure! Grandma used to put bread bags over our feet before we put on our snowmobile boots. There was an ice rink across the street from our house in St Paul, Hazel Park it was called. After dinner, my Dad would drive the car down and shine the lights on the rink, so we kids could skate in the dark! What I wouldn't give to live back in Minnesota, with all the snow....I betcha I would still slide down Heck's Hill!

  6. Oh, yes, we had a ice rink across from the school and it was lit at night so we could skate then and
    gym classes in the winter were skating a lot of the time. I never did learn to roller skate but sure enjoyed
    ice skating. I must say though I don't miss the snow!!! LOL


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