Sunday in Iowa

This nice old depot is in Hedrick, Iowa
In it's heyday Hedrick had 3 railroads.  The last train rolled through in 1980, but the historic Union Depot is still standing


  1. I worked in this building for several years after it was moved to its present location. At that time there was an antique business and the "Hedrick Journal" located in the depot. I even remember when it was moved to this site. It is shaped the way it is because the railroad tracks criss-crossed where it was built and the station master could see trains coming from all directions. After passenger trains became a thing of the past ( before AmTrack) it was decided to sell the depot. It had to be cut in two pieces to get it moved through town and across the high way.

    1. Thanks for sharing that information Bettie, I always love seeing and hearing about a towns railroad history. I am glad they saved the building, sadly to many have been destroyed.


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