Family Favorites - Bonnie's Waffles

Bonnie, my sister-in-law of more than 40 years, was with me when I purchased a new waffle iron – a regular one – not the deep Belgian type.  She gave me her favorite waffle recipe – she makes the whole recipe and freezes the leftovers to toast on another day.  She never uses mixes or prepared foods – they make their own.  I can see why, this recipe is simple and delicious.
The new waffle iron worked swell, and we’ll be making them a lot more often, using this recipe.    Our small waffle iron made 6 waffles, enough for 3 meals for us - we have them occasionally for a meal when I just don't want to cook. 
I’m sharing Bonnie’s recipe because I think it will be great to have some waffles in the freezer, ready to feed hungry family and guests an easy breakfast.  Bake yours according to the directions for your waffle maker.  I toast my frozen ones in my toaster oven to serve.
 When you make the waffles for the freezer, take a little time to bake some bacon too – 400° for 20 minutes on a half sheet with a rack.  Drain, cool, lay out on waxed paper and freeze.  Then roll up the paper, bacon and all, and put it in a gallon freezer bag.  I save the bacon grease in a small covered measuring cup or glass jar in the refrigerator for lightly greasing  the pan when cooking eggs or making cornbread and the like.   Microwave the frozen bacon on a few thicknesses of a paper towels on a paper plate for 30-60 seconds or until it’s crisp.   This suggestion is from Myrna.
Now you can quickly have a waffle and bacon for guests whenever they get up.  I pour our syrup into a glass measure and heat it a little in the microwave too, so it doesn't cool off your waffle.
                             Bonnie's Waffles
  1 ¾    Cups  Flour, All-purpose -- 7 3/4 ounce
  2        Tablespoons  Sugar
  1        Tablespoon  Baking Powder
     ¼    Teaspoon  Salt
  2        Large  Eggs
  1 ¾    Cups  Milk
     ½    Cup  Butter -- melted (or cooking oil)
  1        Teaspoon  Vanilla
In 2  quart bowl, stir together, flour, sugar, baking powder and salt.  Make a well in center of mixture, Set aside.
In a small bowl, beat eggs slightly, stir in milk, vanilla and butter (or oil).
Add egg mixture all at once to the flour mixture.  Stir just until moistened.  Batter should be slightly lumpy.
Bake according to your waffle maker’s directions.  When done, lift out and serve or put on rack in a half sheet pan and keep warm in oven until ready to serve, or let cool on rack and freeze.  (If freezing, don't cook completely.  I cut off a minute or so.  Remove from freezer and toast in your toaster or toaster oven).
Yield:  6 small round waffles or 4 larger ones.
2010 Cost:  $1.22 per recipe or 21¢ per small waffle or 31¢ per large waffle.   


  1. I wish I had seen this an hour ago. I just made waffles for dinner. they sounded so good and easy! I will try this for sure next time.

    I have an old waffle iron that makes great waffles but I can't use it anymore. It is too unsafe now. I personally think the old fashioned small holes taste the best!! I don't know why!

    1. We like the thin crisp "old-style" waffles the best - and I think they are easier to make. Bonnie's recipe is a good one.

  2. Made these the other day & froze a couple of leftover waffles. I used a little of my berry syrup with a little regular syrup on them. Yum! I will add blueberries and/or nuts next time. Good waffles! I, too, really need a new waffle iron but have too many other things on the list that are a bigger priority after having just moved.

  3. Made this recipe again this morning. This time I added blueberries & pecans. Lots left for other breakfasts since there's only the two of us. :-)

    1. Glad you like them...we do too. Pecans sound like a great idea!


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