Madsen's Dressing

I don’t know where this recipe got its name, but I know why it’s in the cookbook – I would say it was some restaurant’s reputation house salad dressing.   It is a great dressing – I have made it with either white or cider vinegar, and they both were good.  
This is perfect to make in your food processor – make use of those little holes on the top cover meant to drizzle your oil into mayonnaise or salad dressing – it makes a perfectly thick, clear, emulsified dressing.  It is also gluten-free.
I like making dressing myself instead of buying those expensive little bottles of preservative-laced excuses for dressing.  Quick, thick, delicious!  Keep it a few days in the refrigerator - if you can!        
 Madsen's Dressing
     3/4    Cup  Sugar
  2           Teaspoons  Mustard
  1           Teaspoon  Salt
     1/3    Cup  Vinegar
  1 1/2    Teaspoons  Diced Onion
  1           Cup  Salad Oil
Combine all ingredients except oil, in mixing bowl or blender or food processor.
Beat constantly while slowly adding oil.
Serve with any salad; especially good with greens, oranges and thin onion rings.
 2013 Cost: 99¢
  "Deseret recipes"
Yield:  "1 1/2 Cups"


  1. I assume the 2 teaspoons mustard is like French's original yellow and not a dry mustard?

    1. That's what I assumed...prepared mustard helps keep the oil and vinegar mixed together or emulsified. That's how I made it, the recipe isn't more specific.


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