Sunday in Iowa...

The Merchants National Bank, Grinnell, Iowa
One of a series of small banks designed by famous architect Louis Sullivan in the Midwest between 1909 and 1919.  It is notable for its beautiful, highly detailed window - the motif has been repeated all around Grinnell, in street planters, for instance.
Inside is a colored glass skylight that comprises much of the ceiling.  It is known as the "Jewel box" bank.


  1. We just don't build like that anymore, do we!

  2. Can't imagine what it would cost to build that today.

  3. The older buildings of importance (ie, churches, libraries & banks) had character. I miss that, especially in the churches. The old churches have the air of holiness about them that the new ones don't. Libraries had a special feel to them, especially the old Carnegie libraries. And banks, too. So much has changed...and not all of it is for the better.


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