Complete Step-by-Step Cook Book

I’m not sure where I purchased the Better Homes and Gardens Complete Step-by-Step Cook Book used, but I haven’t been sorry.  The idea behind this big book is to explain cooking techniques - 122 of them – so cooks could get out of their “same old thing” cooking rut. 
Each technique in the book is explained with a classic recipe with photos of each step.  Each section is rounded out by additional recipes that use the same technique so you can practice.  If you want to cook from scratch more often, a book like this will make you more successful. 
The book covers everything from meat, poultry and seafood cooking techniques, eggs, sauces, soups, vegetables, fruits and salads, including homemade mayonnaise and salad dressings, breads of all kinds, every type of cake, cookies, pies, candy, ice cream, desserts and more.
Published in 1978, this is a book I’d like to see updated for today’s cooks.  But nevertheless, it’s a good book, with more illustrations of the steps you need to know than many cookbooks out there.

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  1. I really trust your recommendations so I went to Amazon and did a search for this book and found it. There were lots of them and several were selling for one penny plus shipping. That was a deal I could not pass up! Should arrive by 4/12. Thanks so much


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