Gluten Free Products That Taste Good

  As most of our readers know, we do not accept any advertising on our blog so you will know that when we recommend a product it is because we like it. That said, I rarely buy any Gluten Free mixes because of the expense. However, I recently tried two, new to me, products that I must say were excellent and almost worth the cost.
  As Sue reminds me, if I had children who were celiacs I would use more of the gluten-free baked products and I am sure I would, but as it is just me, I just avoid eating them.
  The two products I would buy again are King Arthur pancake mix even though it is on average $5.00 a box in our stores (this makes 16 small pancakes). The thing is that it made the nearest taste to real pancakes I have tried. What a treat! I will buy it again when I want to splurge on a pancake or waffle supper. 
  The other product is Kikkoman Gluten Free Soy Sauce. We all like stir fry and the majority of soy sauces are not GF and are wheat based. This is one that I am going to use often regardless of cost as I have looked for a GF soy sauce for a long time. The other plus is that it tastes like regular soy sauce which I haven’t found in anything else.
  I would also recommend Bisquick Gluten Free all purpose baking mix. This also averages $5.00 a box. I have made biscuits from it which aren’t too bad, but mainly I use it for breading everything from fish to chicken and we prefer it to regular flour for fish. If you use it mainly for breading, a box lasts quite awhile. I am going to try it for pancakes also and maybe a coffee cake. 
  I hope this helps some of our Celiac friends out there find something they will like and can eat. Gluten Free diets get old fast and we all need a little treat sometimes. 

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