Taste of Home’s Budget Suppers

  Taste of Home’s Budget Suppers is a cookbook magazine published in 2004. It is really usable now when groceries are so high and going higher. Who among us can’t use a recipe for an inexpensive meal to feed our families and friends.
  This has the recipes arranged in a meal type of setting. Your main entree, sides and dessert. You can of course pick and choose but it is helpful to get some ideas for a whole meal and what goes together.
  One of the favorites I made from this was a small size chocolate cake. Excellent cake, not rich and not frosted. Just the thing to fill a chocolate craving without busting the calorie diet.
  Both of us found a variety of recipes to try and hope you will too. Many times these older magazines will turn up at a book sale, yard sale or as our library does, they are put out to be sold for a dime. Be sure to look at them the next time you see cookbook magazines on sale.

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