Sunday in Iowa

RAGBRAI is a huge bicycle tour that spends 6 days going 300 miles across Iowa every summer - fueling up on homemade pie, sweet corn and pork at every stop, and drinking plenty of beer while riding county highways past field corn, soybeans  and hay fields.  It is the longest, largest and oldest bicycle touring event in the world.
About 20,000 riders spent the night in our community this week.  They camped at the schools, church parking lots, private homes, and filled the town square to party and dance to live music that evening.  Notice the kilts on the riders on the bottom right; the red bus photo was taken from our front door.
Large groups or teams chip in to buy old school buses and rig them up to carry the gear and bikes to and from the ride.  They often dress up their bike costumes.  Folks come, sometimes every year, from all over the country and other countries as well.  Even Lance Armstrong and his friends made the ride this year; for the 2nd time.
With days in the low 80's, they had a great year.

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