Family Favorites - Lemon Ice Cream

As kids, our dad occasionally bought ice cream cones for us at “Eddie’s Little Store”, one of those original combination gas station convenience stores where the ice cream was “hand packed”. My very favorite was lemon, which they only had once a summer or so. This recipe lets me have lemon ice cream whenever. It’s delicious. I combined the idea of crushed lemon drops I saw somewhere with my favorite ice cream formula. 
This recipe doesn’t require any cooking before making ice cream; this is my husband’s preferred ratio of sugar to cream to half and half. Buy “pure” lemon extract for this for extra good flavor
I usually chill the ice cream mixture overnight Don't get out the bowl until you are ready to use it.  If you have a regular ice cream maker, multiply the recipe to suit and make it according to the maker’s directions.  This is a "plan-ahead" dessert.
Lemon Drop Ice Cream
2 Cups Half and Half
1 Cup Heavy Cream
2/3 Cup Sugar
1 Teaspoon Lemon Extract -- pure extract
3 Drops Yellow Food Coloring
1/4 Cup Lemon Drops -- crushed
Combine ingredients, chill 3 hours or overnight. Process  in the ice cream maker following the manufacturer's instructions.  Stir in the crushed lemon drops before packing into a quart freezer container.  This will only be soft-serve frozen at this point.  Freeze an additional 4-6 hours or overnight to ripen. Keeps up to a week well covered.
Cost Summer 2013: $ 2.25
Yield: "1 Quart"


  1. Oh, you're driving me crazy with these ice cream and sherbet recipes! Just decided to lay of all sweets about a week ago (including ice cream which is my all-time favorite) and you go posting these wonderful recipes. This Lemon Ice Cream REALLY appeals to me. I'll bookmark them all for when I think I can afford ingesting some sugar again some time in the future! Thanks for your continued sharing of great recipes.

  2. Sorry to tempt you so, but hope you will be able to try them sometime soon. They are good, and the lemon is really good.


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