Our Newest Favorite Kitchen Tools

Myrna and I can’t resist new kitchen products and gadgets.  Here are some of our latest favorites.  We bought our own, we just like these - no advertising intended!
Myrna Says: 
As anyone who knows me can tell you, kitchen gadgets are my downfall.
Here are my newest favorites. The round-container egg slicer. It has three egg slicer inserts, half, sixths for wedges and slices. The best part is that they all fit together to store and take up so little room. 
The coated wire whip has a sturdy handle and works great in my new nonstick Calphalon pans. Nice size and I use it more than the larger coated wire whip I have, washes very well.
The pancake/cookies turner is my favorite find. I really like the one I have that I always used but it is all metal and so I needed to find something else. This is great! Small length handle from end to end which is what I liked about my other one. Overall length is 9 ½ inches. Not a long turner and this works so good to turn over easy eggs. I now have two of them and would not use any others. Great tool by OXO. 
The last and newest gadget is the green spoon holder. Clip it on any pan or bowl and it holds your spoon, whip, etc. over the utensil and not over the stove or counter. I am going to buy several more. I bought two, but my daughter took one and now wants another also. Great idea and one that works!
Sue says:
I can’t cook without a scale…my husband even uses one to weigh out our breakfast cereal right into the bowl.  My old scale is 20 years old and not made anymore, but it got lots and lots of use over the years.  I wanted a new one, and this Soehnle weighs up to 30 pounds, has an easy to read dial, and won’t shut off until you shut it off, one of my pet peeves about many scales – they turn off halfway through your recipe.  I wanted one I could use to weigh canisters of flour, and quantities of food for canning and freezing, but still measures 10ths of an ounce.  This is the one – if only it didn’t show every fingerprint!
These colorful silicone lids really work – and I have them in several sizes to fit my pans and bowls that don’t have their own lids.  It really almost eliminates plastic wrap.  They come in a variety of designs.  They can even be used as pot lids or in the oven, although I have not tried it.
The roller is for tamping down those crumb crusts in pie pans or bar pans – slick.
And the stainless steel measuring spoons fit into my spice jars, include a ¾ teaspoon and 1/8 teaspoon size, and only cost me $5 at the outlet mall kitchen store.

And I have to second Myrna’s OXO turner…after I saw hers I bought 2, and my husband loves them for eggs, as they are a handy size. 


  1. I don't know where to find the silicone lids!

    1. Pam, I actually bought mine in a the kitchen section of our small town combination drug store/gift shop. I have seen them in a number of kitchen shops even at our nearest factory outlet mall. They are also on the internet, at kitchen sites and Amazon. The Amazon link is below, just for your information, not because we are advertising for them. They come in sizes ranging from cup or glass covers to 13x9" pan sizes.
      Charles Viancin Silicone Lids

    2. Thank you! I have not seen them in stores yet but now I will be on the lookout! I did check out Amazon thanks for the link.

  2. This was a great post... I need something to hold spoons over bowls!

  3. I don't remember just what they cost, but under four dollars. I really like the one I have and will buy some more. I found that they will hold spoons and my rubber spatulas.

  4. I love my kitchen gadgets! But now I see I need that spoon/whisk holder. Thank you for sharing all your kitchen helpers. Stopping by from the Homestead Barn Hop. Have a great week.

  5. I love gadgets too. I do want to warn you of the spatula with silicone covering. I had one and it was geat, until the interior metal wore through the silicone allowing juices and what not inside where I could not clean. I ended up throwing it out. Great idea, but not practical.

  6. I guess I am willing to toss it when that happens rather than ruin my new pans. I have used it quite a lot already and as it was not very expensive I feel I can replace it at that time.


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