Sunday in Iowa

Some of our garden...
We've been having near 100° weather this week, with 104° on Friday, and it's certainly turning the "Redskin" peppers; they grow in clusters, there were 7 red ones on this plant when I took the picture, and they weren't the first.   We're waiting for the promised "normal" September weather next week.


  1. How do you pot your peppers, etc., and keep them looking so nice? What direction are they located? Thanks!

    1. These are on the west side of our house; I have also had them on the east side at times. I think the South would be too hot with sun all day. Peppers like a pot...the big plants are California Wonders. The pots you see hold 5 gallons of soi. We water them daily once it gets hot. Peppers like fertilizer too; I use "tomato" fertilizer every 2-3 weeks. They don't really have any pests here in Iowa. I freeze any extras, either pieces or chopped. They don't need blanching, and actually stir-fry from frozen very well.

  2. It's getting cooler here after heat indices in the lower 100's last week... thank heavens!

  3. Yes, it is cooler here also. Today is nice out so far. Now if we would just get some rain. Always something to wish for.

  4. Thanks for the pot-planting info! I hope all areas in drought get rain soon!


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