Stringtown Grocery

The new Stringtown Grocery has opened next to the old store just off Highway 1, Southwest of Iowa City and North of Kalona.  It has the same mix of bulk foods, like flours and mixes, all kinds of beans and rices and pasta and herbs and spices, old-time candy, cheese from the cheese factory next door, canning supplies and produce as the old store with more room inside to move around.
This is our closest Amish store, so we were excited to visit.  The buggy parking lot is still between the old and new stores.
It's one of our favorite Iowa places.

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  1. Oh my goodness, maybe Keith and I can get a farmsitter and get up there next year. Keith was born in Ollie... his dad is from the Kalona area (as are many other Yoders) and I have yet to see it!


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