Sunday in Iowa

The farmer running this John Deere corn picker spotted me taking a photo and stopped his equipment to "pose" for a photo op - notice golden corn filling the hopper on top.  Maybe he thought we were "tourists".
Harvest is well under way in Southeastern Iowa, we are still in drought conditions here, hard to believe after a wet spring.  The rain we finally got this week is too late for most crops, and yields will probably be down in this area.


  1. Love our Iowa farmers and the fact that they are so proud to pose for a pic doing their work!! We briefly thought about retiring to Florida but luckily came to our senses! Love Iowa.

  2. I am from Southeast Arkansas, but several times a year we travel to Iowa City to take my son to a specialist. Although we are a farming community as well - it is quite different as we have rice & bean fields and you rarely see animals on the farms. We absolutely love to stop and watch Iowa farmers planting or picking corn. The big old farm houses, barns, and everyday country life we see in Iowa is so calming and pleasant to see. I am not a big fan of those cold winters though! Thanks for the picture :)


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