Gifts From The Kitchen

Betty Crocker and Pillsbury are now owned by the same company and the small size cookbooks you can buy in the grocery store aisles are now put out with both names on them. This book Betty Crocker  Gifts from the Kitchen was printed and displayed till the end of Dec. 2011. These type (food gifts to make) are among some of my favorites. 
I like making food gifts, though often they don’t make it out of the house.
  Sue and I both found things to make. The Caramel Sauce Sue made and shared with us was excellent and we were really pleased that the Triple Cheese Log was so good. We gave one away and ate the rest. Cheese logs are one of my weaknesses. 
  I made the Billionaires for Bettie’s daughter and she hid them as she did not want to share. If you find a copy of this book, I would surely recommend you buy it. Great recipes and good ideas for food gifts.

Smoked Almond Triple Cheese Logs

Chocolate Billionaires

Divine Caramel Sauce

Citrus Curd

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