Grandma Hinderman's Christmas Cookies

The Santa Cutter is from My Mother's Collection

 One of our cherished family recipes, it has been several, (a lot), of years since I have made these cookies. They are to Sue and I the Christmas cookie that meant Christmas was getting close. Our house would smell so good when they were baking and our Grandmother and Mother made them every Christmas as long as they were able to. I made them for years for my children, but rarely had any to give away as they were eaten so fast. I am not sure why I quit making them but now that I have, I will make them again for the Memories.
 The original recipe calls for citron which we don’t like so I never add it. You can frost them, but they should be crisp and I don’t frost them and neither did Grandma.
 The anise seed gives them a different taste from standard Gingerbread cookies and the Sorghum is necessary also. I tried them one year when we lived in Northern Minnesota with molasses as I couldn’t get sorghum there, no one knew what it was. Not a good substitute. Molasses is not as sweet as sorghum and has a slightly bitter taste. I do cut back on the amount of anise seed as I feel it is a strong spice, but I am sure Mother and Grandma used the full amount.
 While these were baking, for a while, I was transported back to my childhood and the happy hours spent baking cookies with Mom. Bake some Memories with your children this Christmas Season
Grandma Hinderman’s Christmas Cookies
   1/2   cup  Brown Sugar
   1/2   cup  Butter
   1/2   cup  Shortening
   1      pint  Sorghum
   1/2   teaspoon  Allspice
   1/4   teaspoon  Cloves
   1/2   teaspoon  Cinnamon
    pinch  Salt
    Citron -- (no amount listed)
     Mix in a Large Kettle and Let Come to a Boil.
 Remove From Heat and Add:
   1/2   tablespoon  Baking Soda
      1   teaspoon  Anise Seed -- scant  (This is not Star Anise)
                      Cool and Add About:
    4 to 4 ¼ cups All-purpose Flour.  beat well, 
The dough will be sticky, it is better to chill it wrapped in plastic wrap than in a bowl. Chill several hours or over night.
Roll 1/8” thick on floured board. Cut with cookie cutters. Bake on lightly greased cookie sheets. 375° 7 to 9 minutes.
* To be crisp, they need to be rolled thin.

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  1. Thank you, Myrna, for sharing some of these with us...still the best Christmas cookies!
    Crisp, spicy, perfect.


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