Waikiki Dessert

This dessert lives up to the quick and easy tag…my husband made it in minutes.  I didn’t even soften the cream cheese first, as he used an electric hand mixer.  It tastes like a cross between pudding and cheesecake.  The second time we made it we left out the sugar and it was sweet enough even with pineapple canned in juice.  We recommend chilling at least a half hour.                     
                             Waikiki Dessert
  8        Ounces  Cream Cheese
  2        Tablespoons  Sugar (optional)
     ¼     Cup  Milk
     ¾     Cup  Milk
  8 ½     Ounces  Crushed Pineapple -- drained
  3 ½     Ounces  Instant Vanilla Pudding and Pie Filling Mix
  8         Each  Maraschino Cherries -- chopped

Combine cream cheese, sugar and first milk; mix well.  Add remaining milk, pineapple, and pudding mix; beat only 1 minute.
Just before serving, spoon into dessert dishes.  Garnish with cherries.  May be chilled before serving.
6-8 Servings
  "Southern Living Quick and Easy Cookbook"

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