Homemade Cracker Jack

Myrna and I are old enough to remember when one of those small boxes of cracker jack was a real treat – and not just because there was a small prize in it.  We still like it because it’s not nearly as sweet as many coated popcorn mixes.  I used “Grandma’s” molasses in this – it’s a little sweeter than Brer Rabbit brand.  About the only thing wrong with this recipe is the difficulty leaving it alone!    I have also made it without the peanuts and it’s still good.   It's a great picnic or camping snack to take along.                                    
Homemade Cracker Jack
  4               Cups  Popcorn -- popped
  1               Cup  Peanuts -- shelled
     1/2         Cup  Molasses
     1/4         Cup  Sugar
Mix popcorn and peanuts together in a large bowl or pan
Cook molasses and sugar together until the mixture reaches 235° on a candy thermometer.
(You can test the syrup by letting some drop from a spoon into a cup of cold water.  The syrup is done when it forms a thread as it drops into the water).
Pour the hot syrup mixture over the popcorn nut mixture and coat evenly.  Cool and break into chunks with a wooden spoon.  (I poured mine out on a parchment-lined half sheet and separated it it right away).
In an airtight container, the mixture will keep well 4 to 6 weeks (so she says; we haven’t kept it that long).
  "Cheaper and Better"
  "40 Ounces"


  1. Thanks! I'm going to try it.

  2. As a kid, I bought Cracker Jacks just for the prize toy. Thanks for the memories.
    P.S. I did eat the popcorn.

  3. Hi Midnight Baker, haven't heard from you for awhile. They had nice toys back then. Remember the SuperMan toys in cereal boxes?

  4. tried to reply with my iPad...but I can't...so it's the old desk top...lol...I am going to make this tomorrow...I have been craving Cracker Jack...it was a special treat in my home growing up...not alot of extra money....

  5. okay now I see why I can't reply with iPad...the old make sure you are not a robot doesn't show up....

  6. Yum! Looks like something the kids and I need to try!


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