July Fourth Holiday

Ready for the Parade...in Carlisle, Iowa 
Population 3,876


  1. Oh, a lovely Iowa Fourth photo! Happy 4th from Kansas to you!

  2. When I was a child, we always went to the parade in St. Joseph, MN!!!

    1. A little farther north than Fairfax, where we were raised.

  3. I'd forgotten you were from Fairfax! My folks used to live there when my sister was born. I'm from Bird Island & St. Cloud!

  4. And I didn't know or forgot that you were from the St Cloud area. Some of Lyle's relatives lived there.
    Small world isn't it. How long did your folks live in Fairfax?

  5. I'm not sure how long my folks lived there. My sister was born in '44 & is 6 yrs my senior, but my folks were married in BI in 43. Maybe dad was from there when they got married & then they moved to BI to take care of my grandpa later.

  6. Just don't hear from too many people who are from Fairfax. I guess that is true of most small towns. We went through Bird Island on the way to Minneapolis often. Have a nice evening. Nice to hear from you.


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