Wonderful, Easy Pimientos - Marinated Sweet Peppers with Garlic

I never thought that I could make pimientos…and those little jars you buy are expensive!  I also never thought I would LOVE eating pimientos right out of the jar either!
This recipe is so easy, I don’t think there is any reason to can them…I just make them when I need them and they stay crisp and good in the refrigerator.  
The recipe was right on the money for quantities – I made them in two half-pint jars so I could share one with Myrna.  You could “fancy-pack” them and give them for Christmas gifts too.  They are really a version of marinated sweet peppers with garlic.  
The second time I made these, I tried a jar each of yellow and orange peppers; they are simply delicious - nothing like the stuff you buy!  You can also fill your jars with those little fancy sweet peppers...  My husband thinks I need these on hand all the time, and was disappointed that he had to wait...they are great in salads, cut up in vegetables like green beans and peas, in casseroles or creamed dishes, or just on a relish tray.  We can hardly stop eating them!  Now I make 6 jars at a time - we use them in salads, vegetables, casseroles and on appetizer trays.
  2            large  Red Bell Peppers
     ½       cup  White Vinegar
     ½       cup  Water
     ¼       cup  Sugar
  2            cloves  Garlic -- chopped
  1            teaspoon  Olive Oil
     ½       teaspoon  Salt
Sterilize jars (I use the water to then soak the peppers).
Wash peppers, remove inner seeds and membranes and slice into inch-wide strips.  Cover peppers with boiling water and let them soak for 5 minutes, then drain well.
Meanwhile, combine vinegar, water and sugar in a non-aluminum pan and bring to a boil.  Simmer mixture for 5 minutes, remove from heat and add garlic, oil and salt.
Place peppers in sterilized jars and pour the vinegar mixture over them to cover.  Store the pimientos in refrigerator for 2 weeks before using.
They will keep several months in the refrigerator.

  "Cheaper and Better"

Yield:  "2 Half Pints"


  1. Oh my gosh, my mom used pimento in many, many dishes... and I have a jar in the fridge right now... and you're right, they are EXPENSIVE! I had no idea they were so easy to make, I'm going to try them (just when I donated all my canning jars (sigh)). Thanks!

    1. OH, and they are soooo much better than those limp canned pimientos! We eat them most days in our salads, and they are great just to eat like a pickle on a relish plate too!
      As well as all those dishes like chicken a la king, etc.

  2. How do I prosses these if I want to keep them through winter? I have them in the garden. And would love to keep them

    1. I don't know if canning these would keep them as crisp and firm as simply refrigerating them. I also don't know if the amount of of vinegar is enough to water-bath can them.
      If you want to can marinated peppers; try this recipe from the USDA.
      Canning Marinated Peppers

  3. Wow, had no idea pimentos could be home canned. Thank you for sharing this recipe, they look delicious. The peppers you have that you are using, look to be bell peppers...please, are they bell peppers. I sure am hoping they are, as they are the only kind of pepper we grew this year. Thanking you kindly in advance, Gracie

    1. Yes, they are sweet bell peppers. These are really a form of refrigerator pickles.

    2. Many people preserve red peppers in place of pimentos, but the pimento pepper (also pimiento) is its own variety. They are also confused with the cherry pepper, but a true pimento pepper is a dense, squatty pepper... About the size of the bottom half of a nice roundish standard bell of any color. They start green and turn into a gorgeous dark red.

  4. Can Splenda be used instead of vinegar? Would that affect their longevity?

    1. I assume you mean substituting Splenda for sugar...I guess I couldn't recommend it. Both sugar and vinegar are preservatives. I absolutely agree with Purdue University's Extension Service.
      Purdue University gives the following advice on recipes like this:
      "Sugar is important for texture of pickles and may act as a preservative if used in high enough proportions. Never attempt to alter pickle recipes. There may be spoilage and changes in texture."

    2. I have to agree with Sue on this. Some recipes such as canning and baking should not be altered. If sugar doesn't work for you or your family you need to find a recipe that calls for a sugar substitute and is from a reputable source.

  5. Cook red peppers for 2min in an instapot--immediately after cooking , drop them in a large container of ice water--weigh them down to the bottom and let cool--skins will peel right off-- marinate in sugar , vinegar and garlic--olive oil-your amount is your choice--refidge for 7-10 days--store some in a jar in fridge-freeze the rest

  6. These sound yummy. But pimentos are actually a kind of sweet chili pepper and different from bell peppers.


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