Family Favorites...Freezer Cole Slaw

I suppose it was the 1970’s when a coworker shared her recipe for freezer cole slaw with me.  What a revelation; nice crisp cole slaw from your freezer any time!  Much healthier with a sandwich than chips.  I try to never run out.  We like this recipe from "The Practical Produce Cook Book". 
I put mine up in ½ pints so my husband and I can share a jar with a meal with no leftovers.  It also freezes well in freezer bags flat, but I put them in a pan until they are frozen to prevent any liquid seeping out into my freezer.  The 8 cups of cabbage is about 1 nice-sized head.  After you cut out the core, about 2 pounds will shred into 8 cups.  I use my food processor to speed this up and save my knuckles.  I also rinse off the salt and let the cabbage drain again before adding the dressing, otherwise it is too salty for us.  When you are using white vinegar in this kind of recipe, check the label for “natural” vinegar.  It’s worth the extra expense.
                           Cole Slaw to Freeze
  8        cups  cabbage – shredded
  1        each  carrot – grated (I use 2)
  2        tablespoons  salt
  2        cups  sugar
  1        cup  vinegar
     ¼     cup  water
  1         teaspoon  celery seed
  1         teaspoon  mustard seed -- optional
Mix cabbage, carrot and salt.  Let set 1 hour, and then drain well.  (I rinse and drain mine.)  Combine remaining ingredients and bring to boil.   Boil 1 minute.  Cool.  Stir into cabbage.
Let set 1/2 hour.  Mix well then put into freezer containers.  I leave about ½” headspace for expansion.
   "8 half pints or 4 pints or 2 quarts"


  1. What a great idea! Thank you.

  2. Sounds more like a pickled version of coleslaw to me.

  3. Do you see any problem putting some onion in this recipe?

    1. Not at all; onion freezes well, and certainly wouldn't hurt it.


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