Chuckwagon Deli Sandwich

There’s a popular sandwich that’s sold in vending machines where I used to work that we still like, but with our own twist.  We use homemade buns and, of course, the sandwiches haven’t been sitting around for who knows how long.  Try Multigrain Buns or my personal favorite Whole Wheat Mustard Buns.   This is a good meal from the freezer - I always keep both baked buns and Freezer Coleslaw on hand.  No need for purchased fast food on a busy day.

 Chuckwagon Deli Sandwich
  1              Large  Hamburger Bun
  1              Slice  Cotto Salami
  1              Slice  Ham
  1              Slice  American Cheese
  1              Slice  Swiss Cheese
                  Mustard and/or Mayonnaise -- to taste

Wrap assembled sandwich in a paper towel and microwave 30-60 seconds until cheese melts.


  1. Hello, I wandered in from another blog. Love you site, and will definitely be trying these!

  2. Hello Megs,
    Glad you found us. Hope you come back often.


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