Make it Yourself...Pie Crust Finishes

 There are several ways to finish a pie crust. The most common edge is a fluted edge.
Trim pastry ½ inch beyond the plate edge. Fold under so it stands upright. Using your fingers and knuckle press to make a ruffled edge. You can use two fingers from one hand and one finger from the other hand which ever is easiest for you.
 The next most common is an edge pressed to the pie plate with a fork. Trim the crust edge even with the plate and using fork tines press a pattern around the edge. This is the easiest of the edges to make. You can also use the bowl of a spoon to make scallops instead of the fork tine marks.
 If you want to get a little fancier, trim pastry even with the plate. Cut small slits at ½ to 1 inch intervals around the edge of pastry. Gently fold every other section toward the center of the pie plate. This makes a good looking edge for a berry pie.
 A very attractive edge is made using a very small cookie cutter. Trim the pastry edge even with the pie plate. Using another crust cut out shapes (leaves are always nice for a fall pie) Attach shapes to pie edge with water, overlapping them slightly.
 Any of these edges can be used with a two crust pie. 
One way to finish a pie is with a lattice crust. They are easy to make and look especially nice with a berry or stone fruit type of pie. My favorite apple pie has a streusel topping but you can use a top crust, flute the edges and then brush with cream or milk or water and sprinkle with coarse sugar or cinnamon and sugar. Our Grandma always used milk and cinnamon and sugar on hers, as does Sue. Any or all of these are simple to do and will make your pie look so good.


  1. I use cinnamon sugar on mine, but hadn't heard about brushing it with milk first...if that's what you do. Thanks for all the pie tips! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

  2. Brushing it with milk or water, I sometimes use cream, helps the cinnamon sugar stay on and the crust browns well.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of our readers.
    It is snowing here today!

  3. Thanks, Myrna! Too bad I'm only making pumpkin for the two of us tomorrow. I have some cream in the fridge. Will have to remember that for next time. Snowing?! It was 42º & sunny here, but there were snow storms in the mountains a few days ago!


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