Christmas Cookies

Our mom was a prodigious baker – and she didn’t even know how to cook when she got married! For the holidays, she steadily filled big metal Old Dutch potato chip cans with cookies of all kinds, baking while we were in school, so we wouldn't eat them before she got them stashed away, and we kids were supposed to keep out of them until she needed them for entertaining, to take with us to dinners and coffee times, and to share at Ladies’ Aid meetings, for school and Sunday school parties and the like.  No separate freezers then, for storing the extras, as we do today.

The cookies we could eat, with permission, were kept in this Owl cookie jar, which was given as a Jewel Tea promotion in the forties. It matched her Forties kitchen, white cabinets with red and black linoleum floors and countertops, and white appliances.  I used to think that she might have painted the trim on the owl, until we found them, although infrequently, at yard sales and flea markets, painted the same way.
We hope you’ll bake a few cookies and make some memories for your family.


  1. If I could paste a photo, I'd add a picture of my pig cookie jar. :-) Those were the good-tasting potato chips!

  2. I can still buy the chips on occasion at our local stores. In Minnesota you can buy them almost anywhere.
    I agree they are good-tasting potato chips.

  3. How special that you still have that cookie jar of your mom's. I think a family cookie jar brings back a lot of memories from childhood for many adults.

    I still see the Old Dutch brand potato chips in the stores here in northern Minnesota, but oh boy, do I ever wish they still came in those cans. How handy they were for storing many things after the chips were gone.

    It seems to me people don't bake as many Christmas cookies as they used to. Why is that? I suppose for the same reason that so many women don't even cook today. Too bad, much lost.

  4. Ours was the Shawnee pottery cat cookie jar and it wore a hat and booties.

    1. Weren't you lucky...that's a VERY nice cookie jar.

  5. I still bake Christmas cookies using the COOKY BOOK, that my grandmother Fritsch gave to my mother, Ruth! My mother passed away when I was very young, and I feel like I am honoring her memory every time I bake! Candy Cane and Ethel's Sugar Cookies are my daughter's favorites. Thank you for the beautiful walk down memory lane. I miss Minnesota!


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