Thinking about the holidays...

It's not too late in the season for you to take a break from the crowds and busyness, and choose the activities that really mean the most to you.  Not surprisingly, many women do way more than their families and friends even care about, holding themselves to an exhausting standard as providers of “holiday memories”.   
Why don’t you ask your family what rituals, foods, decorations, etc., really matter to them, believe them, and try to cut down and enjoy the holiday this year.  If your kids really think something is essential - certain cookies, a special pie, elaborate decorations - maybe it's time they took responsibility for it.   
Less stuff, less expense, less worries – more time to enjoy those times spent with your loved ones – what’s not to like.  
Looking at old photos of Myrna’s and my family, and my own family’s Christmases past, I am always surprised at how simple they looked compared to the glossy magazine versions of Christmas today.  I know we thought we had the best Christmases ever – because we were together.
In the photo - left to right: Myrna, our Mom, me on my Dad's lap, our older sister Kay - it was cold, but I think Myrna and Kay were showing off the new Christmas dresses from Grandma for this photo to be sent home from California, where we lived during the war.


  1. that is an amazing photo! Love the Christmas frocks. And I agree that a simple Christmas is the best one x

  2. Love the photo! And yes, I am all for creating simpler times. Christmas, after all, is not about all the commercialization we see today. I vote for a simpler time with family & friends to just enjoy a good meal & each other's presence and maybe some good music. Keep it simple. Blessings to all of you this holiday season.

  3. Such a sweet photo! I know my mom was busy at holidays when I was young but not like it is usually is now

  4. It was my eleven year old son who wanted a "simple holiday this year. He said he was tired of the fairy-land decorations and wants only a few red candles, the Nativity, and some greenery.


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