Happy New Year

"Celebrate what you want to see more of."
...Tom Peters 
Myrna and I grew up in a small town where we went sledding every winter on the hilly streets.  Myrna remembers that the cars would actually wait for us to get down to the bottom by our Grandmother's hill, and the city dumped snow on the deadend hill next to our house, building it up even higher.  We never had to look for someone to play with, they came to our place because we were next to the hill.  My husband and his 7 brothers and sisters sledded on their country road or in a field near their country school.  I don't think we really got that cold, in the excitement and fun.
Best Wishes for Your New Year
Myrna and Sue

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  1. We usually spent our MN winters making snow forts or ice skating--in very cold weather! I didn't do allot of sledding, but seeing this reminds me of my girls sledding on the hill by their grandparents' home! I took a picture of the sledding hill near our home today when I walked my dog. Lots of families have been enjoying it.


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