Patty Melt

One of our favorite Midwestern restaurant indulgences is a Patty Melt sandwich…we enjoyed them today at home.  When I don’t have any buns, but we’re hankering for a meaty sandwich, this is how to make one.  I used my homemade Root Beer Rye Bread.  As you can see, I don’t use much butter to keep the calorie load within some semblance of sanity, and to keep them from being too greasy and soggy.    I use my little Presto electric griddle to make a couple in quick time.   Serve with a crisp salad or cole slaw, and fruit for dessert. 
                                Patty Melt
  2        Slices  Firm Sandwich Bread -- like homemade or rye
  1        Slice  Swiss Cheese
  1        Slice American Cheese
  3        Ounces  Hamburger -- in a thin patty
  2        Thin Slices  Onion
            Butter -- for bread
For each patty melt, butter the bread very thinly on the outside.
Brown the hamburgers, adding the onion, and stirring the onions until browned.
To make the sandwich, on one slice of bread, on the unbuttered side, layer the slice of cheese, the onions, and then the hot patty, the second slice of cheese, and the second slice of bread, buttered side outside.
Toast the assembled sandwiches until evenly browned on an electric grill or electric frying pan set at 325° or in a skillet on medium heat.

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