Make It Yourself...Spam Macaroni Casserole

This recipe is one I used to make regularly when we had a kid at home. It came with a set of the cards from the 1971 Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library. You bought the box and a few sets of the recipe cards and then additional cards were sent every month or so. Of course, most of the recipes used a variety of convenience foods, really beginning to be popular in the early ‘70’s. I picked them up cheaply at a yard sale a year or two after they came out and this was one of the few recipes I kept and used.  I also make it with ham instead.  Serve it with a green vegetable or salad and fruit for dessert.
It has been one of the most popular recipes we have posted on the blog...folks remember their Mom making it back in the 70's and have lost the recipe.
I made it in my favorite 1970's casserole dish, a covered French Arcopal (the European "Pyrex") casserole I bought from my German landlady's kitchenware shop and brought back with us to the states.  I use it often and would hate to have anything happen to it.
Spam Macaroni Casserole
4 Ounces Macaroni -- uncooked
1/2 Cup Onion -- chopped
1/3 Cup Green Pepper -- chopped
2 Tablespoons Butter
1 Can Spam -- cubed
1/2 Cup Catsup
1/3 Cup Cheddar Cheese -- shredded
1 Can Cream of Mushroom Soup
Cook macaroni; drain. Cook onion and green pepper in butter until tender. (This can be done in the same pan).  Stir in remaining ingredients; pour into an ungreased 1 1/2 quart casserole, bake, COVERED, 30 minutes at 400°.
6 Main Dish Servings
Cost 2010: $4.90 or 82¢ per serving


  1. Bringing back old memories! I also made a macaroni/spam salad with similar ingredients, leaving out the ketchup and using mayo instead of cream soup. I think there was also diced celery in the salad as well. I have been enjoying your recipes.

    1. Glad to hear from you...interesting the many ways people used Spam. It was on sale a week or so ago in one of our local grocery stores!


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