Honey French Dressing

    The Honey Kitchen is an old cookbook Myrna picked up for me at a thrift shop because she knew I make most of our own salad dressings and breads, and the book had quite a few recipes for both.  Here’s a basic salad dressing we like…I keep all of the ingredients in my pantry all the time, so it was an easy choice for us.  After the first time, we left out the Worcestershire sauce; you can use ketchup instead of the chili sauce for a milder flavor.              

 Honey French Dressing
     ½      cup  Salad Oil
     ¼      cup  Honey
     ¼      teaspoon  Salt
     2      tablespoons  Chili Sauce
     ¼     cup  Cider Vinegar
     ¼     cup  Onion -- finely chopped
     ½     tablespoon  Worcestershire Sauce -- optional
     Combine all ingredients except oil in a blender or food processor.
Add oil through the holes in the lid until used.  Blend 5 more seconds.
Store in refrigerator.
"The Honey Kitchen”

Yield:   "1 cup"


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