Summer Blog Header Recipes

Here are links to our summer header recipes:


  1. I enjoy reading your recipes, but having trouble finding what I am looking for. If I put 'caning chili' in the search button I don't get results. What is the best way to search for recipes I am looking for

    1. It's probably because we don't have a canned chili recipe on the blog...we only post recipes we have actually made ourselves, and that hasn't been on our list as neither of us use chili on our menus often enough to can it.
      In a week or two I will have a canned hamburger mix recipe along with recipes I make with it that include chili. I make it because it is more versatile than canning chili; I make a lot of recipes with it.
      Check the canning resources on our canning page (on the sidebar). At the bottom of that page are some links to canning recipes we trust; from Ball, Presto, The National Center for Home Food Preservation and Iowa State Extension.


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