Picnic Salad

This is a simple, inexpensive but very good summer salad.  Picnic is the right description – it’s well received at picnics and reunions – the ingredients are all old favorites.  I especially like it with Cooked Dressing; that delicious homemade dressing that tastes something like deviled eggs.  I make the dressing in my double boiler the night before, as well as cooking the macaroni and assembling most of the salad; ready to simply serve the next day with a minimum of fuss.   Use the leftover salad dressing in deviled eggs, as sandwich spread or in another salad.  It keeps for at least a week.                
                          Picnic Salad
  12          ounces  Macaroni -- elbow or shells
  2            Tablespoons  Olive Oil
  2            Tablespoons  Cider Vinegar
  1            cup  Celery -- thinly sliced
     1/2     cup  Onion -- thinly sliced
  1            cup  Cheddar Cheese -- 1/2" cubes
     1/4     cup  Pickle Relish -- sweet or dill
  2            cups  Cherry Tomatoes -- halved
     1/3     cup    Cooked Dressing – or mayonnaise or Miracle Whip
Prepare macaroni, drain and cool.   Combine olive oil and vinegar and add to the macaroni.
Combine celery, onion, cheese, and pickle; add to mixture.
Cover and refrigerate overnight.  Fold in just enough cooked dressing to moisten macaroni mixture. Add tomatoes just before serving.
Serves 12.
Yield:  "2 1/4 quarts"
                             Cooked Dressing
  2        tablespoons  Sugar
  2        tablespoons  Flour, All-purpose
  1        teaspoon  Salt
  1        teaspoon  Dry Mustard
  2        large  Egg Yolks -- slightly beaten
     3/4 cup  Milk (I have used skim milk, whole milk and it’s really good with half and half)
  4        tablespoons  Vinegar – mild (we like cider vinegar)
   1/2 -1 Tablespoon  Butter 
Mix dry ingredients; gradually add egg yolks and milk; cook over hot (not boiling) water until thick, stirring constantly, only about 3-4 minutes.  Add vinegar and butter; mix well and cook until thick.  Cover with plastic wrap right on the top of the mixture while cooling it.  Chill; stir before using.
67¢ per cup   Only 25 Calories per tablespoon
  "Betty Crocker Good and Easy 1954 or Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book 1946 and 1968"
  "1 cup"

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