Entertaining Can BeEasy

Chicken with Garlic and Olives
for a Sit Down Dinner
  Entertaining can be a scary word. However, it shouldn’t be. Casual or formal if you have a plan and keep it simple you can enjoy it and so will your guests. My era is one of the last to do the more formal style of entertaining. I would always set the table with a linen tablecloth and the good china and served more than one course. The key to this type of meal is to do one thing yourself and than fill in with things from the store or deli.
However, now that there are fewer people in our family I don’t do that as often.
You can also plan a meal where most of it can be prepared one or two days ahead. With todays freezers and stores having such good bakeries and delis you can serve a great meal and still have time to enjoy it yourself. 

 Rotisserie chicken comes to mind. Served with a homemade salad for a first course, maybe a mashed potato dish or scalloped potatoes, and fill in with pickles, olives and a relish tray.
Finish with a nice dessert
The finale can be as simple as coffee and bars, or maybe a cake from the bakery. If you want a change from turkey or ham try Cornish hens or lamb. Both are simple to fix and will give your reputation a boost. Everyone will think you really worked at putting together a great meal. Serve it buffet style and let them help themselves. Remember that filling in the meal with pickles, rolls and jam and jellies will save you some time and headache.

Perfect for watching the Game
  Of course most of us and I think younger adults  just have friends over to watch the game on TV or BBQ in the yard. The game night party is easy to do. Keep it simple, maybe a pot of chili, ham sandwiches, or as simple as a meat and cheese tray and a veggie tray with dip. Meat and cheese trays are easy to put together. Some sliced lunch meat from the store, a few varieties of cheese, some snack crackers and a foil tray you can toss when everyone is done. Saves on the dishes and the work load.     Cheese balls and crackers, deviled eggs are two other suggestions. I try to avoid things like chips that shatter and make a mess. Most will be happy without them if you have other snacks.
 Really the key is to enjoy your self and your guests will enjoy it also.

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