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Rolled Sugar Cookies

This idea came from Capper's Farmer.  Myrna's family made these last year on Thanksgiving afternoon.

Here they are:
Sock Snowmen from Capper’s Farmer

• Scissors
• Adult socks, crew length or knee-high
• Rubber bands
• Rice
• Scarf – either a strip of fabric or a crocheted chain of yarn
• Colored ball-head stick pins
• Fabric glue or glue gun
• Buttons
• Colored pompoms or small crocheted balls of yarn
1. Cut off the toe portion of the sock at the heel, and set it aside. Turn the top portion inside out, and wrap a rubber band around the cut side, making it tight, so it doesn't come off. Turn the sock right-side out.

2. Fill the sock almost full with rice, packing it firmly, until it's plump and round, and sits level. Wrap another rubber band snugly around the top of the sock. Place another rubber band about a quarter of the way down from the top rubber band to form the snowman's head.

3. Tie a scarf around the snowman's neck. Use colored ball-head stick pins for the eyes and nose, and attach buttons down the front of the body, using either fabric glue or a hot glue gun.

4. Cut the toe portion of the sock to create a stocking cap. Glue or hand-stitch a pompom or a small crocheted ball onto the top of the stocking cap. Place the stocking cap on the snowman's head. 

Link from Capper's Farmer

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