Relish Dishes to the Rescue

 When you need to fill out a meal, go with a relish dish as our grandparents and parents did. Don’t buy one already made up, they are less expensive if you buy the ingredients and make it yourself. I am talking about pickles and olives etc. 
The meat and cheese and veggies and dip are a different thing. They are usually served before a meal, watching the game with the gang, at a office party. Relish dishes are put out with the meal to help fill up the plate. 
 Refrigerator pickles are easy to make, like these beet and carrot type, but I also watch when pickles and olives go on sale and stock up on them. Check the expiration date and you will see that most of them will keep for quite awhile. Another option that works over the Holidays is cranberries. They are so easy to fix, follow the directions on the bag and don’t forget a couple of extra bags for the freezer. The fresh berries are only sold around the Holidays.

Easy Pickled Beets

 Don’t have any relish dishes, not a problem. Be creative and use a pretty dish you already have. A cup will hold pickle spears and many Dollar Stores have nice plastic ones that can be used and washed and used again. These are nice when you have to take something to a dinner elsewhere. 
In the summer go with some of the bright colored plastic ware that can also be bought at a dollar store or Walmart type store.
If you see them, many thrift stores and yard sales have pretty relish dishes very inexpensively, for a few dollars.
I have added Jalapeno pickled peppers to my dish as some of the people coming like them. The Olives do not need to be the fancy expensive ones, open a jar and add garlic or cauliflower right in with the brine a few days before. Go with what your budget allows, the whole purpose is to help fill out a meal. That is how our parents and others got a meal on the table so fast.

Pickled Carrots

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