Sunday in Iowa...

This 1961 "Metropolitan" was parked in the parking lot at the local market...not at a car show, while the owner shopped.
They were produced by Nash from 1953-54 to 1961-62 as a second car for the lady of the household for shopping, etc., one of the first subcompacts on the market.


  1. Friends of mine had the twin to this carm even the same color combination, They might still have it for all I know. They mainly drove it in parades back in the day, When it was new it was really eye-catching and I am sure it still is. Thank you for the trip down memory lane.

  2. My husband of nearly 42 years is in love with this car, the color you showed is the one he wants..I lived in San Diego and worked at a govt. federal job, this lady retired from many years of faithful service they gave her a huge retirement party..She liked me and took me out to dinner both of us in that same color of a METRO, she used it everyday and it bode her well..If I ever got my hands on any money I did not need for something really important I would buy my hubs that car! Love your blog and many yummy recipes!


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