Cheese Dip

We buy cheddar cheese powder in bulk from our nearest Amish market.  I use it it Cheese Bread Sticks or to shake on hot popcorn.  Here’s another way to use that bulk food cheddar cheese powder.  Serve with chips, crackers or crisp vegetable dippers. 
  Cheese Dip                          
  16        Ounces  Sour Cream
     1/3    Cup  Cheddar Cheese Powder
  2          Teaspoons  Onion Flakes -- finely minced
     1/2   Teaspoon  Garlic Powder
     1/2   Teaspoon  Italian Seasoning
Combine all ingredients; using more or less seasonings to taste.
Refrigerate several hours before serving.

Yield:  "2 Cups"

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