Sunday in Iowa...

A pulley-type Amish clothesline in the country near Bloomfield, Iowa


  1. Absolutely love the birdhouse! Would look great in my garden.

  2. I have pulley-type lines running from the deck to the fence. I sometimes use the clothesline, but rarely use the pulley. I always thought it was kind of neat, yet weird to see pictures of clotheslines stretched between tall apartment buildings with the clothes hanging high up over the street. You likely don't see those anymore either. HOAs won't even allow clotheslines.

    1. The better to live in small towns or the country!
      This line was running over the farmyard driveway.

  3. Oh! I can't imagine it running over the driveway, but I see that now. The dust! I don't use mine much. First it was the birds frequenting the neighbor's aspens & now it's my dog.


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