English Toffee Ice Cream

This recipe from the "Golden Treasury” is to die for.  Smooth, rich, not too sweet, easy to make.  I’ve never purchased any gourmet ice cream even half as good.  
The method is one that Cook’s Illustrated just recently recommended for making ice cream without an ice cream maker.  This amount of toffee bars is great, but half the amount would still be delicious and less caloric and expensive. 
English Toffee Ice Cream
  4           each  Heath Bars -- 1 1/8 oz
  14         ounces  sweetened condensed milk
     1/2     cup  strong coffee -- cooled or 1/2 cup water and 1 tsp. instant coffee
  2           cups  heavy cream 
  1 1/2     teaspoons  vanilla extract
  1. Crush toffee bars between 2 pieces waxed paper with a rolling pin; set aside.
  2. Combine condensed milk, coffee, heavy cream, and vanilla.  Chill thoroughly.
  3. Whip the mixture to a custard-like consistency.  Fold in crushed toffee bars. Spoon into three 3-cup refrigerator trays or a 9x13" metal pan.  Cover.  Freeze firm.
  4. Or process in your ice cream freezer, adding the toffee bars at the end.  Freeze until firm.
Yield:  "1 quart” or 8 servings.

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