Sunday in Iowa...

This time of year, there are sweet corn stands at many city, town and, in this case, country intersections all over Iowa.  Most of it is picked each morning and sold the same day.  Folks just wait for them to open in the summer.  The going price is $5 a dozen.
Some are run by family farm businesses, some by high schoolers raising money for class trips and the like.
This stand is on a fairly busy intersection of Highway 5 and Highway 92 southwest of Pleasantville, Iowa and north of Melcher-Dallas, Iowa.


  1. Oh, how I remember them stands popping up throughout Iowa. Sure does bring back memories

  2. our going price is the same, but a bigger bump up than usual from the previous year. --suz in ohio

    1. A lot of people here simply don't raise their own sweet corn anymore, even if they still have a garden, but they still remember how good home grown is.
      I've paid that much quite awhile ago;, I was surprised it isn't more now. If you're lucky, someone actually has some to give away!

    2. Even here is hot Phoenix we have Russian farmers who grow sweet corn. Super good and $6 a dozen. I usually buy just 6 ears and she throws a couple extra in.
      In Ohio we grew and sold our own. My mother was one of those "have the water boiling before picking the corn" so she would actually go pick the corn for customers when they stopped. Never any picked and laying around.

    3. Yes, we were raised just like your mother...the pot was on before we picked and husked sweet corn. The super-sweet varieties available today don't make it quite as urgent, but most Iowans still don't buy corn at the supermarket, they want it picked and cooked at least the same day - that's why the stands are so popular if you don't grow your own. Nice you can get it there too.


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