Sunday in Iowa...

An Amish farm near Sigourney, Iowa  
This is a newer Amish settlement built in the last few years


  1. We were in Kalona this weekend and marveled at the beautiful Amish farms! Lovely country there.

  2. A beautiful time of the year to see farm country.

  3. Such a lovely photo.
    Born and raised in Iowa, graduated from Newell High School back in the 60's. I miss not living in Iowa....except for the winters that is, but it is beautiful farm country.
    A saying that we used to say growing up on a farm myself; 'Corn knee high by the 4th of July.'
    Once in a great while we get snow here in Texas and sometimes ice storms but normally it never last very long. Within a few days it's gone.

    1. I lived in Texas in high school and college; I'm glad I'm back in "corn country". Never did like those ice storms.
      Our corn here is mostly shoulder high by the 4th anymore! It's the soybeans that are knee high now.

  4. I too, grew up in Iowa and now live in Texas. Your Sunday in Iowa posts always take me home!


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