Broiled Tomatoes

My husband told me we “could have these again” after eating these delicious tomatoes.  Bettie and I have fond memories of old-fashioned breaded tomatoes, and these taste similar, without the soggy bread.  I used some hard but ripe garden tomatoes, not the best for fresh-eating tomatoes, but they were perfect for this recipe.   
I pulsed a couple homemade bread heels in the food processor, and had these ready for the broiler in just a few minutes.  I think you could use any shredded cheese you have on hand, or add some whole cheese to the bread when you process it.  Of course, you can simply pull your bread apart for crumbs too.    Use real butter, the flavor can’t be duplicated.    These were excellent with baked cod for a quick lunch.        
                            Broiled Tomatoes
  4         medium  tomatoes
  1         tablespoon  dijon mustard
     ¼     teaspoon  salt
     ¼     teaspoon  pepper
     ¼     teaspoon  cayenne
  6        tablespoons  butter -- melted
  1        cup  bread crumbs -- soft, fresh
  1        cup  Parmesan cheese -- freshly grated
Preheat broiler with rack 5 1/2 inches from heat.
Cut tomatoes in half.  Spread cut sides with mustard, sprinkle with salt, black pepper and red pepper.
Place tomato halves on shallow pan.  Combine butter, breadcrumbs and cheese.  Spoon mixture over each tomato half.
Broil 2 minutes until crumbs are brown and tomatoes are heatd.
8 Servings

  Adapted from "Southern Living Heritage Recipes"

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