Sunday in Iowa...

Do you remember cream separators?  This money and work-saving device common on dairy farms when we were kids is now a popular choice for vintage-style outdoor planters, like this one by a garage in Martinsburg, Iowa Population 112


  1. We have the cream separator hubby's folks bought back in the 50s when they had their family cow. We used it when we had our small herd of dairy goats . . . and will probably use it again if (when) we get back into goats. A bugger of a bear to wash, but a must-have piece of equipment for separating cream from milk, in my opinion.

  2. I remember helping family friends wash their separator, you're right, they are hard to wash. Work well though.

  3. Yes, I remember the cream separator my dad had in the barn until he quit farming in 1960. They didn't keep it when they had their farm sale, but they did keep one of the cream cans and I still have that. Do you remember the days when people painted them black and put gold eagle decals on them and displayed outside the house? I painted mine black but never did get the decals on it. It still has black paint in some areas. I have been wanting to paint it a different color in recent years but couldn't decide what color.

    1. Milk and cream husband "hauled" milk for a dairy when he was a young man...says he doesn't care if he sees those old milk cans anymore. We do remember when lots of folks had painted and decorated ones on the front porch...right after they started using tank-type trucks to pick up milk from the farm.

  4. Oh, do I ever remember those. The one we had on the farm was red. Much prettier as yard décor than sitting in a barn.

  5. My sister & my mother used to have cream separators in their yards. I have my grandpa's cream can. I painted it with aluminum paint and have purple pansies planted in it with a cute garden ornament.


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