Egg and Waffle Shortcakes

Here’s a nice way to use frozen waffles, whether you purchase them or make and freeze your own, as we do.  This makes a quick Sunday brunch, or breakfast-for-supper meal.  It’s a pleasant change from sweet-topped waffles.  
I usually lay out my whole package of bacon on a rack in a half-sheet pan or two and bake them at 400° for 20 minutes; then lay the cooled bacon on double sheets of waxed paper and roll up the paper and bacon and put them in a gallon freezer bag.  That way, I can just microwave a few pieces, about 1 minute for 2 pieces.   We toast the waffles while the eggs poach, and we’re ready.               
                        Egg and Waffle Shortcakes
  1             Large  Frozen Waffle -- or use your favorite waffle recipe
  2             Slices  Bacon
  2             Large  Eggs
Prepare bacon.  Set aside.
Defrost and heat your frozen waffles. 
Poach your eggs about 4 minutes or until done as you like.
Stack a quarter-waffle, buttered, top with a slice of bacon, folded in half.
Top with another quarter waffle, top with butter and poached egg.

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