Sunday in Iowa...

Red Cannas are so Iowa...they have been appearing in yards and gardens for years, and are still very popular.  They have the most impact in large groups of the same color, and red is the original.

These are on both sides of the entrance to the driveway of a farmhouse on highway 92 west of Rose Hill, Iowa.  


  1. They were also very popular in the farm country in Illinois where I grew up. I can still see the solid circle of them in the yard of good friends of ours . . . so impressive. But I don't think I've ever seen any as tall as the ones in your picture!

    1. It must have been a good summer weather-wise for them here...they do seem to be bigger...they may also be an improved red hybrid.

  2. We have the one with multi colored leaves- reds & greens, and sorta orange flowers, about 6' tall. Grown more for the foliage here than the flower. I can tell you they spread like crazy so that a single plant soon becomes MANY. Always enjoy your Sunday in Iowa.


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