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Homemade Cookies published by the editors of Farm Journal in 1971 is a hard cover compilation of over 460 cookie recipes that were the best cookie recipes published in Farm Journal over the previous 20 years plus recipes from their test kitchens.  And there is the reason it’s an excellent recipe book…test kitchens.  These recipes all work!
 It contains every old favorite that Mom or Grandma may have made, sorted out by types of cookies.  If you want a bar cookie, drop cookie, rolled cookie, pressed cookie, homemade cookie mixes, cookies to make with the kids, it’s in there! 
One of the more unusual chapters contains recipes they developed for small cookies that tasted like pies - called pie-bars.  Have your pie and not feel guilty!  What could be better than that?   
When I was newly married, you could order these Farm Journal cook books from an order sheet…I think I have most of them from around that period.  The best, like this book, are edited by Nell B. Nichols.  Later cook books are not quite as good.  You can still get them at used book stores, book sales and online - I saw this one at a recent book sale for $2.99.  Farm Journal had such a large file of recipes they seldom published the same ones in different books. 
Check this post for some ideas on cookie baking equipment.

Try some recipes from this book to give you some ideas for holiday cookie trays.

Honeyed Gingersnaps

Molasses Wagon Wheels

Orange Snowballs

English Tea Cakes


  1. I have this cookbook & I love it. There are many recipes in it that I use over & over but there are also a few that the family just don't like. There are neighbors who ask for those so I have yet to find a single recipe that is just not worth making. Thank you for your wonderful information, it is so nice to see & read such a positive site.

    1. Thanks Nola, We do try to keep this site positive and informative. So glad you enjoy reading us. Both of us use and enjoy the Farm Journal cookbooks

  2. You gals get me in so much trouble showcasing these older cookbooks....of course I have to have them. This one is now on the way! lol

    1. But it is so much fun to get another cookbook. We both like the older cookbooks and at our age we have had most of them since we were young. Nice that you can still get most of them. Hope you enjoy your copy.

    2. Trust us, you ll like this one.


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