Cookbook Reviews The Best of the Best from the Midwest

  I belong to a online book trading group. There were several listed to be traded and one of them was this one.
  The title sold me on it without seeing it as it was Midwest cooking. What could be more suitable for someone from Minnesota and Iowa. Free is always nice also.
  The cookbook The Best of the Best from the Midwest is from a regional series. The authors have done their research well, and I am certainly going to look for more in this series. The cover is attractive and draws the eye. The recipes will keep you cooking.
  One of the things I liked is that they tell you from what cookbook and state the recipe is from. If you like the recipes you than have an idea where to look for more. So far the recipes I have tried have been very good and I hope if you see a copy of this cookbook you give it a try.

Oven Fried Chicken with Honey Butter

Spiced Red Cabbage

Easy Barbecued Hamburger

Sour Cream Apple Bars


  1. Iowa has the best corn. We always enjoy the corn and the pork when we come to Knoxville.

    1. Yes, have been there 3 times. Love the atmosphere of that friendly town. We went to Pella also and it is also a friendly town. Do you live far from Knoxville?

    2. I used to live in Pella; Knoxville is the county seat. We are farther away now, but still go there occasionally. Glad you have enjoyed your visits there.

  2. So glad to find your blog ladies! I am from the Atlanta area and have lived in Iowa for almost 5 years now! I am your newest follower :)

    1. Welcome Karen to the blog and to Iowa. Always nice to have a new follower and we think Iowa is a great place to live.
      Do comment when you want to, nice to hear from our followers.


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