Cookbook Reviews...Farm Journal Complete Pie Cookbook

My copy minus it's dust cover and well used
  The Farm Journal's Complete Pie Cookbook, published in 1965 is one I use often. I bought my copy the year they came out. Recently I was looking on line at Amazon and the copies ranged in price from $155.88 to $9.95.
I don’t remember what I paid for mine when I bought it  but I must say I don’t believe I would pay $155.88 for it. At $10 though it would be well worth it.
  The cookbook contains my favorite pie crust recipe which for me would be worth the price of the book. However, the recipes are what you would want to have. 
  The Farm Journal cookbooks are no longer in publication. I don’t think the magazine is published any longer. Our Grandmother had a subscription to it even though we and she lived in town and nowhere near a farm. She got it for the recipes in it and the garden articles. These recipes used garden and orchard produce wisely.
  The pie cookbook has a large variety of recipes. There are 700 recipes included ranging from fruit to ice cream to dinnertime pies. The fruit pies use fresh fruit but also canned and frozen fruit. The mealtime pies use fresh meat or canned meat and fish for use in the winter when you can just open a jar and have a meal in no time. They have a variety of crusts and the dinner pies have mashed potato crusts as well as biscuit and pie crusts. 
  Below we give you a sample of the recipes, though most of mine lean to the dessert pies. Pie baking is something I enjoy and do a lot of. There is something so satisfying about taking a golden brown pie from the oven and smelling the good aromas in your kitchen.

Cherry Pie

Individual Cheese Pies

Lemon Fluff Pie

Mincemeat Turnovers



  1. That is the cherry pie recipe I have always used, it's in my Farm Journal Country Cookbook from the 70's. The cheese pie recipe sounds good, I'll have to try it.

    1. Aren't the Farm Journal Cookbooks good. Sue and I have several of them and use them all.

  2. I have this and many other of their cookbooks. My mom grew up on a farm and they thought highly f the magazine. This cookbook has a wonderful apple cranberry pie. Many great recipes. And of course, I love to read the intros to each one. Btw, my mom grew up in the Muscatine area, while my dad came from Stockton, and Pleasant Prairie, IA.

    1. I am going to have to try that recipe. I have looked at it but never made it. Thanks for the endorsement.


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